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Feeling bored? Uninspired by life? Do you need four cups of coffee just to break the monotony of the 9 to 5? Fortunately, there is one special day in December that will alleviate these common maladies. That day, my friends, is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on Friday, December 12, 2014! National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is about proudly sporting your favorite ugly Christmas sweater for the entire day...regardless of circumstances. Wear it to school, to work, to a funeral, to your sister's wedding. Got an important interview on Friday? Oops, tough luck. Worried the judge will increase your sentence if you show up to court in an ugly Christmas sweater? Sorry bud, no exceptions. Share this special day with your friends and spread the word until your face falls off. Also, please send us pictures strutting your stuff in an ugly Christmas sweater. Let's rock this!

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December 12th


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Tipsy Elves designs and sells some of the coolest (and funniest) Christmas sweaters out there. They have a great collection of "naughty sweaters," of which the Frosty the Nose Thief Sweater is a favorite among our team. They also have a donation program where a portion of proceeds from their sweater sales is dedicated to donating hoodies to children's organizations each year. For more information about being our sponsor, email us at